Gifts Bought With My First Wage

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Long before receiving my first ever wage earned via participating in the summer research project, I've decided to use it to buy gifts for people I care the most.

First, I had to buy gifts for 3 men in our family, my dad, my brother and my uncle. Buying gifts for men can be a real pain. There aren't many option to toss around. Wallet, belt, gadget, or stationary. Thats about all. After shopping around, I stumbled into a stationary shop and immediately fall in love with what I have seen. Pens! So at the end, I bought two ball pens, one of each of "my dad".

The picture shown above is a Cross ball pen with my uncle's name engraved on it. To be perfectly honest, thats the gift I care most. Likewise, it goes without saying that my uncle is the single most person I love and care most. Put it simply, he is an amazing person. He cares about others from the bottom of his heart.

For my father, I have bought a Lamy pocket pen. Its a very small and elegant looking ball pen with his name engraved on it too. Having said that, I don't expect him to use that pen. It seems that he never care about presents we bought for him. A pen bought a couple of years ago for his birthday still sits inside the wrap. A watch me and my brother selected for him during last summer is on display in my brother's room. I am not him, so I have no idea why on earth would a father do that to his children. But anyway, I bought one for him, just in case he feel insulted not having a present.

Then there is my brother. For him, I have bought 2 calendars. One Dilbert Comic table calendar and one DIY wall calendar from Kikki. With the DIY wall calendar, I have carefully selected 12 quotations and tried my best to draw some pictures on them. Hopefully he will like them.

As for my mom, I haven't buy any special gift for her. My plan is to be a good girl during this summer holiday when I am back at home, and help her to sort out her iPod. Being a good girl to my mom is very challenging. We have never been close to each other, and never will. Having said that, she is my mom and neither will that be changed either.