The Best Summer So Far

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I could hardly remember who were the audience of my presentation. Vaguely, there were a couple of professors and lecturers. Also present were three other students, each participating in different summer research projects.

Most of the time, I was looking at one of the lecturer only. Perhaps because she was the only one constantly looking at me while I talked? The rest were busy concentrating on the information I have presented on the slide? Anyway, eye contact is one of the many areas that could be improved in my future presentation.

I was nervous, and that is normal. But it wasn't as bad as the first presentation I gave to the pharmacy department the day before this. Practice makes perfect!

This is by far the best summer I have had so far despite the fact that I had to stay back when my friends and cousins are all back in Malaysia already. A wonderful experience that comes with fewer pain than I'd expected.