Rushing Through Exam Questions

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Its half way through the exam, and I have only 3 papers left to mark an end to my 2nd last schooling year. Most people reckon schooling life is one of the most enjoyable period of their life, and they wished it could last forever. Just as those in the workforce willing to give in everything and go back to school, we students want to get out of studies and exam as soon as we could.

Come to think of it, there is one thing I am not particularly comfortable with, yet it seem to slip through my mind once I am in the exam hall. So far, I have used a lot of graphs, arrows, and equation in my answer sheets, and that is a worrying sign.

I had allowed myself to rush through questions after questions, wrote down as much as I could, not knowing whether the examiner can actually understand what I was trying to illustrate with those graphs, messy equations, flying arrows and signs. Worst of all, I hadn't able to read each questions carefully, and think about what answers they are looking for.

Is this because time have become so limited that I can no longer read the questions twice before picking up my pen and start writing? Or has it become a terrible habit?

For the coming papers, I shall start the habit of reading through questions carefully again. Today, Dr. Osama wanted us to describe the mechanism involving FMN & NAD. I drew him the whole mechanism of actions, without a single sentence that describe what happen to FMN & NAD. If I do poorly in the exam because I didn't write them down in proper sentences...