Individual Health Care Insurance VS Universal Health Care Services

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It was a terrific 2 hour movie, and I had a couple of good laugh too, which is a pretty rare thing.

My home country - Malaysia, adopts a universal health care policy too. We can get medical treatments at the hospital for free and receive medications for RM 1 from public hospitals. However, the number of complaints we have had with regard to wrong kidney being pulled out, infant deaths as a result of lack of experience of the interns and a lot more makes visiting the public hospitals a nightmare for many.

Unlike here in Australia where public hospitals are the pioneer of medical services, the private hospitals in Malaysia are the one doing a better job. In the end, despite having a universal health care policy, those who can afford the premium still take up private health insurance.

My father used to say: "You can't live without a health insurance. It is the single most important thing that you should be spending your money on." Indeed. In a public hospital, you will have to pay deposit upfront during admission. No money no talk!