Worry About Damage Done

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Do you normally worry about being late to work while waiting for a tram? You can't draw your eyes off the screen that says "St. Kilda - 6 minutes". You check your watch over and over again, mumbling in a low key voice, "Damp, I must be late this time. Why did I snooze the alarm? Why bother to go online and check my email?". Your stomach then starts to tumble.

Is that what happen to you too? No need to feel embarrassed, I have done this countless time already and I am sure million of others do the same too.

But this morning, I managed to overcome my subconscious worry with repeat conscious reasoning. Arriving at the tram stop later than usual, I knew I was probably going to be late to work. This is not good at all, one of the criteria for passing the placement is to be punctual. Personally, I hate being late. I'd rather skip a lecture than to go in once it begins. As such, I've always arrive at the uni early.

While I was waiting anxiously, something rather unusual stroke me. I asked myself one question - will the tram arrive earlier than it would so that I can go to work on time? The answer is obvious, NO! If so, why bother worry about damage already done?

Better to think about things that we can have control on rather than worry about those that are completely out of our control isn't it? You bet.