The End of a Tough But Unforgettable Journey

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Today marks the end of my 3 weeks placement, and most importantly, my first job in 22 years. It is hard not to recognise how fortunate I am, and how supportive those surrounding me have been.

The journey was tough, but nonetheless a very precious one. To know that I am able to control my temper (by repeatedly telling myself that its ok, I can take the joke) when others make a big fuss about my inexperience was a rather unexpected discovery. To get involved in day to day dispensing and counselling was eye-opening. To witness yet another very loving married couple was sweet.

From knowing nothing about prescriptions, I have learn a great bunch about PBS scripts, authority scripts, dental scripts, doctor's bag, and private scripts. Now, I can interpret nearly all electronic prescriptions, and most of the hand-written ones. Nonetheless, there are still plenty more to learn. But I can confidently say that it was a good start.

I was helped by GOD who is so generous to grant me the opportunity to work alongside TWO very good mentors, one very kind and patient while the other rather inconsiderate and quick temper. I owe a great deal to both.

Lastly, I have also discovered that no matter how rough a situation is, it will end in peace one day. What we have to do is keeping our head down.