Sad of Someone Leaving

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Like a little kid, I was terrified when I heard that he will be going off for a family trip to Queensland. Disappointing, I should say, for not being able to spend more time learning how to be a good pharmacist from him. Stephen is a good teacher, Geoff said. But to me, Stephen is nothing less than great.

I started the placement from square one, knows nothing about how a pharmacy works, let alone how a retail works. It must have been difficult for him. It takes lot of patience to coach someone like me. At the end, I just hope that my presence didn't bring too much of a trouble. Harm minimalisation.

Brought a card from Borders today. Wanted to say thank you for all the kindness and patience he offered. Hopefully this will be seen as a form of sincere gratitude, rather than an act to get higher marks in the assessment, like what some might have thought.