How Not to Fall Into Traps

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I rarely read forwarded mail. But today I am glad that I did.

A true story about my friend and what we can learn from her misfortune.

One day, her handbag which contained her mobile phone, credit card, purse was stolen. 20 minutes later when she
called her husband from a pay phone telling him what had happened, her husband says 'I've just received your text asking about our PIN number and I've replied a little while ago.

When they rushed down to the bank, the bank staff told them all the money has been withdrawn. The pickpocket had actually used the stolen hand phone and sent a SMS text to 'hubby' listing in the contact list. Within 20 minutes, all their money were gone.
What we can learn from their misfortune:
1. Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people in your contact list.

2. Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, sweetheart, Dad, Mum

3. When sensitive info is being asked thru texts, confirm by calling back.

4. When you're being texted by friends or family members to meet them at certain places, be sure to call back and confirm that the message actually came from them. If you can't reach them, be suspicious!


On August 30, 2007 at 7:02 PM , Alex said...

Thank you for the tips. I am currently dating online at and the tips are really helpful. I will change my contact list as you suggested.