The Art of Saying No

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How to say it? Do you know that there are 20 ways to do it? I didn't.

  • I am in the middle of several projects
  • I am not comfortable with that
  • I am not taking on any new responsibilities
  • I am not the most qualified person for the job
  • I do not enjoy that kind of work
  • I do not have any more room in my calendar
  • I hate to split my attention among projects
  • I have another commitment
  • I have no experience with that
  • I know you will do a wonderful job on your own
  • I need to focus more on my personal life
  • I need to focus on my career right now
  • I would rather decline than do a mediocre job
  • I would rather help out with another task
  • Let me hook you up with someone else who can do it better
  • Not right now, but I am happy to do it later
  • Something have come up that need my attention
  • This really is not my strong suit