Why Potential Employment Turned Sour After Google Search and How You Could Turn It Around

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Ran into a HBR Case Study today on how the evolution of online media and social networking is changing the employment landscape. Scanning through the issue, the title - We Googled You was the first that caught my attention. Rightly so, it was indeed a nice read.

If there is only one key point to take with me, this will be it.

We always recommend that candidates search the Internet to find anything about themselves that might come up in an interview, so that they can prepare to respond effectively.

They should consider how they might use the Web to demonstrate attributes
that would make a positive impression on potential employers. Better to fill the Internet with content that portrays you as an accomplished and capable individual who would be an asset to a new employer than to share the details from your latest weekend adventures.
No, don't start flooding the web with discussions or blog about how capable you are. Remember this phrase if you would, a direct quote from the same article.

A person’s reputation has always been shaped not only by what she makes known about herself but also by what other people say about her.
Now, am I doing something that would serve to impress my future employer? Did you realised from reading my blog that I can be quite pessimistic sometimes?