Is Lybrel What Women Want?

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At the moment, I couldn't imagine myself taking one of the many birth-control pills available on the market. Put it this way, I would definitely go for a barrier method should become pregnant is a concern. Why go for the pills that tend to cause various problems when there is an easy way out? It remains one of the few questions I have in mind regarding relationships.

Some background information about Lybrel, made available by Associated Press.

Today's approval by the FDA of the drug Lybrel heralds the next generation of birth control pills. When taken daily, the pill can halt women’s menstrual periods indefinitely and prevent pregnancies.

The pill isn’t for everyone, an FDA official said. About half the women enrolled in studies of Lybrel dropped out. Many did so because of the irregular and unscheduled bleeding and spotting that can replace scheduled menstruation.
The fact that Lybrel went through FDA's approval even with such a high dropout rate during clinical trials is pretty interesting.