Please Stop That Ringing Phone

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According to MSNBC news, Turkish Imam will start to impose penalty on those whose mobile phones ring during prayers. If caught, these owners should pay a fine of 10 Turkish lira. That equates to 9 AUD. Money raised would be go towards the needs of Mus’ mosues.

To be honest, I think penalty like this should be imposed on everyone across the world. Phone rings during lectures, it rings in a cinema, even in a flight where everybody's safety is in question you still get that occasional ring. I just don't understand what is it so hard to switch off their phones or put them on silent.

I rarely get distracted by ringing phones, but the first thing I always do before attending a lecture is to turn my phone into a silent mode. It is more of a personal principle if you like, giving my respect to the lecturer and all my future colleagues.

I believe there are a lot of others who would make sure that their phone don't ring when it shouldn't. Do you do the same too?