The Commander In Chief

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I haven't been watching TV series for years since my college days back in Taylors, Malaysia. I was a huge fan of the Hong Kong drama series before that, later quit because of their repetition in terms of plot. I can often predict what will the ending be half way through the entire series.

But for this particular TV series - The Commander In Chief, I would highly recommended you to watch it if you haven't.

Here is a brief synopsis of the series:

The movie stars Academy Award-winner Geena Davis as the first female President of the United States, Mackenzie Allen. An Independent, Mac finds few allies in Washington and must navigate the at times treacherous waters of the political world, as she balances being a mother and leader of the free world. Emmy-winner Donald Sutherland stars as her nemesis, Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton, who espouses a different political philosophy than Mac… and second-guesses her every move.

Mac's husband, Rod Calloway (Kyle Secor), is trying to find his way in the new role of First Gentleman, while teenage twins Horace (Matt Lanter), one of the most popular kids in school, and Rebecca (Caitlin Wachs), a rebellious teenager with raging hormones, as well as seven-year-old Amy (Jasmine Anthony), must learn to deal with their mother's new role as President.

Chief of Staff Jim Gardner (Harry Lennix), who often finds himself butting heads with Rod, and Press Secretary Kelly Ludlow (Ever Carradine), help steer the ship of state, and Richard "Dickie" McDonald (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) serves as special media advisor to the President, as she contemplates running for election in the next race.
The way the producer crafted the conversations between casts is simply amazing. When there is a chance, I would want to get my hand on the complete set of DVDs. Humn, they should be expensive. But I am sure it worth the money.