Anshe Chung's Second Life

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I started reading BusinessWeek Online only a couple of weeks ago. Didn't realised that they have great content, and all of them are available for free!

Not too long ago, BusinessWeek published a Special Report on Virtual Life. When people mentioned about virtual world, one name always came out on top of the list. Yeah, Second Life.

Almost always adhere together with Second Life is Anshe Chung Studios. If you haven't know this already, the studio is a virtual real estate empire created by Ailin Graef. Picture on your right is her avatar in Second Life.

The company's self-introduction:

Driven by curiosity, our founder Anshe Chung decided to test in early 2004 if working in the economy of Second Life could sustain the real life of a person - a young boy in a developing country. She supported him by selling Linden dollars earned by providing services for other residents.

In 2006 Anshe Chung became the first avatar with a net worth exceeding 1 million US$. She has lead a new wave of virtual reality entrepreneurs who have demonstrated to the world the very real profit-making opportunities that exist within virtual world economies.
This lead me to recall a conversation with my brother not so long ago. He said: opportunity to earn big money is virtually everywhere, ready to be harnessed by those who could imagine and see it coming.

Whats more, Anshe saw it in a virtual world. Amazing!