Remembering Our Dream

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These days, my studies at uni has become a little bit unbearable. With more than more online quizzes, assignments, practicals and tutorials coming in the next few months, I am starting to feel the tense already.

People who are close to our family can often tell the differences between me and my brother through plain observation. Ah boy is bright, and intelligent. Ah girl is forgetful, but very hardworking.

You don't see my brother holding a book very often. Practically, he only do that twice a year. Once before the 1st semester ends, another one right before end of the year vocation. Thats all. The routine hasn't changed with UPSR, PMR, SPM, and his double degree studies.

With me, the situation is very different. Often, you can see me burning the midnight oil, with books all over my study table. It is not that I want to be hardworking, but rather, I have to! Not having a good memory has always been my biggest achilles heels. I don't want this to become an obstruction to fulfilling my dream.

Dream is a very powerful tool, shaping our thoughts and subsequently our behaviours. When studies get too difficult, when there is a slight thoughts of giving up, I made myself remembering MY DREAM.

I have a dream of working in a hospital setting, and being a volunteer wherever help is needed. None of them will become a reality if I were to stop working hard now.

Girl, remember your dream!