Birthday Wishes

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The day before, I went out for dinner at The Pub. The cake from Brunetti was awesome. Plus, we had some nice chatter. It was the first and probably the last birthday celebration in Melbourne.

Today, I spent the whole day at home preparing for the exam. The phone rang. It was mom. Later, the phone rang again, it was dad. I'm grateful that they both remembered my birthday. It must be tough for them at home today, attending grandma's funeral. Yes, 23 years after I was born, my grandma left.

Then, there were loads of SMS coming through. YanZ, YingZ, bro, and cousin sis sent their wishes too. Moving on to the web now, there were messages on Facebook. GMin, Vimala, Nicola, Steph, and WLi posted on my wall. Last but not least, M9. Those whom I'm close to but have never met before posted graphics and stories wishing me all the best.

With two more hours left before the day is officially over, here I'm, completely exhausted. My brain has shut due to fatigue. Time for bed. Thanks everyone, for making the supposely terrible day a little less painful.