A Worthy Choice

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Yesterday morning, we went to the airport to fetch fifth uncle who will spend the next two weeks wondering around Melbourne, between the city and his residency in Miles St. The very first question fifth uncle asked was - are you going back to Malaysia early next year?

"Yes, I will go back after my graduation in December," I duly replied.

"Right. What you need to do in order to practise your profession?" he asked softly.

I knew the question would come. But, to say the least, I wish people can spare me from repeating myself over and over again that I will not take up the one-year training which enables me to register with the appropriate authority in Malaysia.

I had doubts, and spent numerous nights thinking about it over the past year. It was difficult to give up the seemingly promising career in Australia, but the decision wasn't made lightly.

Please give my dying brain neurons a break. In return, I will try my very best to prove to myself - and less importantly - to others that leaving the country and the profession is a worthy choice.