Why C.E.O Deserves Enormous Pay

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Previously, it had never occurred to me that C.E.O deserves huge pay checks. It might seems trivial, but I didn't realise how hard it is to make a decision, especially when all the others opted for the opposite direction.

This is my first major decision after what looks like a bad choice (to pursue a degree in Pharmacy). Looking back, the only possible reason why I chose this degree was to study abroad, and thus escape from my troubled family. While it's true that I've worked very hard throughout these years, and is finally on my way to receiving the degree that comes with promising career prospects, I have decided to take a break from Pharmacy, and join my brother's Internet start-up.

Many people question my decision. They reckon I should have a plan B in place before joining my brother's adventure. After all, his start-up isn't fail-proof.

"What if his company failed to perform?" they asked.

My answer is - you never know. What if it does take off? Plus, in the worst-case scenario, the start-up failed to live to its promise, I can always go back to where I once belonged - the pharmacy profession.