A Good Decision Tree Anyone?

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You'd expect a 23 year-old to make her own decisions and stick to them till the end. Well, that's not true, at least when the subject is a girl who has changed her mind countless time throughout the 4-year bachelor course.

She wanted to switch course right before the start of second year, but didn't. The fear of not performing in a commerce degree overtook her. A year later, she talked to her brother about taking a gap year to develop a web community, but at the end didn't. The lack of vote of confidence among her family members led her to that decision.

Now, 4 years after what it seems to be a hasty decision (to study the Bachelor of Pharmacy), there she is, sitting on a fence, not knowing whether to start a career in an environment she has been performing reasonably well, and therefore theoretically should perform equally well if not better, or to take the road less traveled by.

She has the answer. It may not be the right decision in many people's opinion, but what constitute a right decision when nobody knows what will happen to them tomorrow, let alone in a year's time, or in a lifetime.