The Day I Meet An Angle

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I had my practical exam today and was intrigued to see an angle. She was young and pretty, but most important of all, she was very generous.

I had the pleasure of picking her as my patient, and she played the role play so well that I think she must be the best tutor I have ever had for the past 3 years.

Guess what happen after I finished interviewing her? She actually asked me what do I think the condition was. When I told her that it should be allergic rhinitis, she correctly my slip. The answer should be allergic conjunctivitis! Despite knowing this clearly in my head, had she didn't remind me, I think the person marking my exam paper will have a good laugh seeing me recommending eye drops for a nasal problem.

Towards the end, I ran out of paper. After collecting extra sheets from her, she even placed extra sheets on top of my bench few minutes later, thinking perhaps I might run out of paper again soon.

I didn't have the chance to ask for her name or to thank her at the end of the exam. Better say it here than none. Thank you for making my day.