Born Unequal

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We were discussing about supplementary exam in a train heading towards the city. At that time, I didn't know that even if a person get 99% of his/her answer correct in a supplementary paper, the score will always be 50% max. It makes sense to have a rule like this so that people do not take advantage of it and pretend to have failed a paper in order to get better grade later.

Then one of my friend utter:" Its not fair isn't it? For those who get 50% for the first time, their score will be exactly the same as those who failed but only pass after being given a second chance."

At that time, I couldn't stop myself but to tell her that in reality, nothing can be made equal. Realising that it is a very general statement, and perhaps a bias one given my bitter experience fighting for status equality, I quickly added that it is my belief that we are not born equal.

Some are born gifted while the others fair. Thousands were gone before they even get a glimpse of how beautiful the world is. Millions are born in a place where resources are so scarce that children suffer and die from diseases that could have been prevented had they been born in the place we both stood.

Why bother fighting for something not even the GOD can offer? We are born unequal. A lesson I have learned only after 15 odd years of constant fighting against status equality. Had I not fight, will I be able to further my studies at overseas? Perhaps not. Now that I am in a better position than others, I want to make good use of every opportunity lay ahead to be a better person, and to help those left unattended.