A Fitting End of a Drought

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At the end, the championship standing was breathtakingly close.

Kimi Raikonnen 110
Lewis Hamilton 109
Fernando Alonso 109

This year, hardly a race went by without speculations about the 2 Mclaren drivers deteriorating relationship, Mclaren's possession of Ferrari's confidential documents, Mclaren's 100 million fine, and a lot more. Luckily, we had a championship battle that was close enough to match the distraction.

At the end, it was Kimi won the driver championship just one point ahead of the 2 Mclaren duo.I can imagine Fernando Alonso saying this to hiimself:" See I told you Ron! There is no such thing as being fair and still get the job done." But whatever happen, he will have to accept that his reputation has been tainted. I wasn't a fan of Fernando even the years when he brilliantly won Renault 2 championship, it is even less now that all these happened.

Congratulations Kimi! An end of the drought after 2 near misses.