Professional Experience Placement Count Down - 3

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Instead of remembering how awful working alongside TN can be, I would like to note down new knowledge I have acquired today.

  • Hayfever often the worst during September as a result of blooming flowers.
  • before sticking on the label: this med can affects the effectiveness of oral contraceptive, look at the customer. An old lady, unlikely to need that label. In fact, she was on HRT = Hormone Replacement Therapy when I asked during counselling. Opps.
  • for period pain, NSAID is better than paracetamol or codeine.
  • Panadeine Forte, do not take extra over the counter paracetamol, it can cause drowsiness = do not take alcohol or drive while on that med
  • Arava = Leflunomide = AUD 1378.00 per course, patient on Medicare pay only AUD 30.70!
3 more days to go, I will have to call a prescriber, do primary care and serve customer.