Managing Pharmacy System For Quality & Safety

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focus on error prevention and harm minimisation:

  • reduce reliance on memory
    • computerised drug alert systems
    • electronic patient medication profile
  • reduce complexity = simplify processes
    • reduce the range and variation in equipment and supplies
    • select equipment which is simple to use
  • reduce variation = standardise equipment + procedure
    • drug storage location
  • introduce constraints and forcing functions
    • standard prescribing abbreviations = 0.1mg not .1mg + unit not u
    • program computer not to process orders that lack key info
  • use protocols and checklists
    • double checking protocol for hazardous drugs
    • simple instructions on how to use equipment
  • decrease reliance on vigilance
    • eliminate look-alike drugs or store them separately
    • establish a system to assist differentiation of sound-alike drugs = atropt vs azopt (LOTS automatically alert about common error)