What a High Society Is According to Ben Elton

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High Society is a story about Britain today, a criminal nation in which everybody is either breaking the law or knows people who do.

The war on drugs has been lost. The simple fact is that the whole world is rapidly becoming one vast criminal network. From pop stars and royal princes to crack whores and street kids, from the Groucho Club toilets to the poppy fields of Afghanistan, we are all partners in crime.

A book recommended by Greg. I didn't read the paperback but instead listened to the audio version of this fiction.

Ben Elton started the book with a strong theme - drug legalisation. Despite presenting strong arguments on why it should be done, he offers no insight about what happen after drug legalisation. Seems to me as if the whole theme is lost somewhere along the plot.

Having said that, I did take with me some valid arguments on why the battle on drugs has been lost. Yes, we are substituting heroin with another drug of addiction. But like what Greg has mentioned, we now have control over how the drug is given, and how much the person is taking. By doing this, we minimised HIV transmission and the risk of overdose.

I can't wait for the chance to talk to people that are on the Methadone program, hopefully during the coming placement.