I Was Wrong

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I was wrong for various reasons, often as a result of inability to keep my cool. I can get irritated quite easily. When that happened, I can refrain from talking to the person involved for a period of time. Most of the time, I walk passed without looking at his/her eyes, as if I don't know him/her. This is a deadly mistake.

Most of the time, I feel so much better after the period of isolation. I used the time to reflect on what happened. The anger disappeared even if I was originally right in the argument. However, this is not the end of a problem but rather a start of another. Now I don't know how to start talking to him/her again.

I should have learned the lesson and never repeat the same mistake again. But just like the quote:"we first shape habits, thereafter habits shape us!", I fall into the same trap again and again, in lesser frequency these days.

I don't find it difficult to admit that I was wrong. But to me personally, learning how to tackle the habit that result in wrong behaviors is much more important, and way harder than a simple apology.