Stressed Out!

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To be honest, I think I failed to cope well with the level of stress we all currently under. The mid semester exam has been going on for some time now, it will be over after the coming Monday.

This evening, I burst into tears even before my mom picked up the call. Failed to study in peace, I tried to sleep in the hope that I could then wake up and study after midnight. But right after an hour, I woke up by some noise created by two of my cousins. I can understand that their emotions, they should be allowed to celebrate right after their exam. It is just that I hope they can also understand that I don't need any extra distraction at this very moment.

Yes, I know. We aren't suppose to expect people to be considerate. They don't know that word.....

What I do know is that my mom wasn't feeling easy about me calling home and burst into tears again. That was the 3rd time in my 3 year study at Melbourne, all happened during this semester. Not a good sign at all.

Sorry mom, I promised not to let this happen again.