One Step Away

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At San Siro, a stadium shared between the two Italian football giants, AC Milan often came up on top over Inter. And I hate that. I have always wanted Inter to win. Not entirely sure why that is the case, certainly not because Inter was once Ronaldo and Vierri's hub.

Things are a little bit different at Anfield. Despite being owned by Liverpool FC, the stadium is more like a home to millions of fans all over the globe. There is no need for you to be physically present in order to experience the euphoria demonstrated by the Kops. Especially when Chelsea is at the opposite side of the field.

A match between Manchester United and Liverpool used to be a season's highlight. But I bet you would agree with me that this is no longer the case. These days, we would rather see Rafe Benitez and Jose Mourinho on the field than Fergie.

Congratulations Liverpool, for making it to the Champion's League Final. See ya, at Athens!