Easter Holiday

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I have just completed the first section of my assignment, writing a resume for a pre-registration trainee pharmacist's position. Horray!!

I haven't had much professional experiences to be included in the resume. Hence, what I can do is harm minimalisation. Significant attention has been placed in designing its layout so that it is professionally presented, clear and easy to read. Finger crossed that I don't lose marks on the presentation part.

Next, moving on to writing a letter of offer. My guess is that this assignment will be even harder to score, with more researches to be done over the next few days.

Anyway, it is Good Friday here at Melbourne.

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter or Pascha. It commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus at Calvary.
We will be celebrating this special day, not at the church but eating steamboat at my cousin's apartment.

Lastly, do you buy easter eggs for your friends? I haven't had any of these as a present before. But next year, I am going to get one for my best friend. I learn this motto from someone sometime ago.
It is silly to ask why people don't do this, or failed to do that. Instead, ask what have you done for them.
Thank you, bro!