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For a very long time, I don't take seafood other than fish. Back then, even a very small bite will surely end up with allergic rash all over my body. Hence, no prawns, no crabs, no calamari......

Then, things start to become better about three years ago. I was delighted when eating one to two prawns didn't trigger off my IgE antibodies. Slowly, I even end up attending dinners where most of the dishes were seafood based. A very small portion of every dishes definitely better than nothing at all isn't it?

Good experience usually don't last. At least not in my case.

Went out for a dinner with my cousin brother who arrived at Melbourne yesterday evening. At the dinner, he ordered a lobster with noodles which look exactly like the picture on your right. As usual, I took a small portion assuming that this time my immune system will cope with the invading lobster meat too.

This time, my immune system let me down. I had this real itchy rash all over the body as soon as night falls. The itch was so intense, it kept me awake for much of the night.

No more lobster!